3D Impressions for Theatre & Performance Design

Motus Mori: Reliquiem Scenographic Installation

Designer: Taciser Sevinc, 2023

for Katja Heitmann

Uit Het Leven van Marionetten

Designer: Elsje de Bruijn, 2017

for ITA (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)

Noises Off Stage Design

Designer: Taciser Sevinc, 2016

for Istanbul City Theatres


Designer: Taciser Sevinc, 2015

for DOT Theatre

Kuvayi Milliye

Designer: Taciser Sevinc, 2015

for Istanbul City Theatres

Country of Sad Trees

Designer: Taciser Sevinc, 2015

for Istanbul City Theatres


Designer: Taciser Sevinc, 2011

for Istanbul City Theatres


for Pelin Buyukkarabiber, 2006

In theatre design, 3D impressions are important to depict the idea of the designer. As a scenographer, I prefer to develop my designs with 3D modelling before building a scale model. It gives me freedom of experimenting, because it makes it faster and easier to play with form and colours, and to experiment with composition and framing. Together with lighting design, it helps to manifest the intended atmosphere.

I also assist other designers who work in the same way. Provided with technical drawings and/or sketches and other references, I can create 3D impressions or scale models of any design.

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