THE WALKING GHOST – Prometheus’ Pathway
Scenography for Serbian National Theatre

Banja Luka Theatre Festival 2016
Best Set Design Award
“…for exceptionally remarkable and functional solution of the stage space, and support for the stage movement and creative visual elements.”

The Walking Ghost – Prometheus’ Pathway

A system, in which there is no escape…

A war, in which he has no choice but killing…

No matter how many times we reorganise them; we are trapped in shapes, frames, boxes; until we get into the final one.

Writer – Dejan Dukovski

Director – Aleksandar Popovski

Scenography – Taciser Sevinc

Costume Design – Marina Sremac

Photographers – Aleksandar Ramadanovic, Miomir Polzovic

Serbian National Theatre

Premier – 15.09.2015

Pera Dobrinovic, Novi Sad

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