7: TRIPLE MOON of Nicole Beutler

Lighting Design assistant for Minna Tiikkainen

We met with Minna when she came to HKU Master Scenography for Master Lighting Design lecture in January 2017.

Then I met Nicole and her excellent team for Triple Moon in March. I made the photographic documentation of the rehearsals with set and lighting experiments in Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam and later in Schouwburg Amstelveen.

7: Triple Moon premiered in 8th of July 2017 in Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (today ITA).

Idea / Direction / Choreography
Nicole Beutler
Co-creation & Performance
Madelyn Bullard / Marjolein Vogels / Hlif Svavarsdottir
Scenography / Video
Helena Muskens & Quirine Racké
Lighting Design
Minna Tiikkainen

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