JACCU Corporate Identity Design


JACCU is an acronym of Japanese Art & Culture Centre of Utrecht.
The logo design of JACCU is inspired by ensō circles, which is a long-term practice of Taciser. Hanko seal is a contribution of Hiroko Matsushita, a Japanese artist and designer. It represents “art” and “culture” in Japanese alphabet, kanji.

Together with the corporate identity design, JACCU website is also the design of Taciser Sevinc.

JACCU visual design

YUSHINKAN Tenugui Design


Tenugui is a Japanese towel made of thin cotton fabric. It is widely used in daily life for drying hands, wrapping food pots or decorating rooms. But for a kendo practitioner, it is a special equipment to wear under the head gear. It is also a common gift to exchange between kendo practitioners.

This tenugui is designed specially for members of Yushinkan Iaido & Kendo dojo. Yushinkan is a well-established dojo in Utrecht since 1998. The mon (emblem) of Yushinkan dojo has two ginkgo leaves, inspired by the oldest ginkgo biloba tree of the Netherlands (more than 280-year-old) in Oude Hortus. Behind the ginkgo branch is the Dom Tower, the tallest church tower in the Netherlands and the trademark of Utrecht.

The design of the tenugui is for chusen technique, which is one of the oldest traditional hand-dyeing techniques in Japan.

GAIA Backdrop Design


This photo collage illustration is designed for the scenography of Alaa Minawi, for the theatre play “In Het Hol van de Leeuw”. The play is a co-production of DOX, made premiere in Utrecht, in 2018.

The illustration is composed with 24 images from Taciser’s personal photographs to create a dream-like landscape Alaa Minawi requested.

taciser sevinc scenography



TACISER.S ART AND DESIGN is the personal business of Taciser Sevinc.

Taciser Sevinc is a scenographer and entrepreneur from Utrecht. She is an independent professional on stage design, performance design and visual arts. Taciser is living in and working from Utrecht, the Netherlands since 2016. She has been working in Istanbul between 2000 and 2016.

Check out her full CV.

Taciser Sevinc Scenography
Taciser Sevinc Scenography

What are you looking for?


Taciser has 20 years of experience in more than a hundred projects on space and performance design.

She works with directors, theatre makers, performance artists, visual artists, galleries and festivals in diverse projects. She also supports fellow designers and artists with professional assistance, scale models and 3D impressions and building up, breaking down exhibitions.

In her individual practice, she conducts autonomous artistic research projects on diverse subjects. In her works, she uses
audio-visual media and collected materials to create scenographic
installations and narrative spaces.

taciser sevinc scenography

Stage Design

Theatre, Set, Décor, Lighting, Scenic Design

Taciser Sevinc Scenography

Costume Design

Modern, Period, Contemporary, Haute Couture, Abstract, Avant Garde

Taciser Sevinc Scenography

Performance Design

Scenography, Spectatorship, Interaction, Performativity

Taciser Sevinc Scenography

Scale models & 3D Impressions

Maquettes and Visualisations for
Theatre, Opera, Film, Television,
Musea, Architecture

Taciser Sevinc Scenography
Taciser Sevinc Scenography

Exhibition & Museum Design

Store & Fair Design

Taciser Sevinc Scenography
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